Best Komodo Dragon Tour in Year 2022

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Komodo Dragon Tour

Komodo Dragon Tour offers you at package tour to see komodo dragon (Varanus komodoensis) or “Ora” as local people call them, at Komodo and Rinca Island. This world’s biggest creature is furthermore one of the most established living reptiles. As effectively specified, it must be found in the wild in Komodo National Park , more correctly on the islands of Komodo, Rinca, Nusa Kode, and Gili Motang. Grown-up mythical beasts can achieve a length of up to three meters, with a normal weight of around 90kg.


Living fundamentally on flesh, the komodo dragon likewise chase deer and wild pigs, utilizing their solid tail to convey the prey to the ground. Despite the fact that they show up rather dormant, the mythical serpents can quicken up to 18 kilometers every hour while chasing. As they have a superb feeling of smell, they can find ktheir prey from a separation of a few kilometers. Prey that is not murdered instantly will pass on of blood harming due to the mythical serpents’ septic spit.


The Komodo Dragon is a loner, living singularly with the exception of now and again of mating which normally happens in the dry season in the middle of June and August. The female monsters cover their eggs and watch over them for a brief while before abandoning them to their destiny. Following nine months, the recently incubated infant mythical serpents instantly move up a tree to stay away from the risk of being eaten up by more seasoned monsters and different adversaries. They live on little reptiles and well evolved creatures, fledglings and their eggs, and also bugs. When they get too substantial for tree abiding, they need to backpedal to the ground to achieve their last phase of adulthood.

The puzzle of how the colossal mythical beasts discovered their approach to Komodo Dragon and why they must be observed there is still not clear, herewith making a rich ground for dubious hypotheses and suppositions. A mainstream hypothesis proposes that times of low ocean levels empowered the monsters to achieve Flores via land. As an accepted relic of terminated titan reptiles, they survived on account of an absence of common adversaries in these islands’ secluded surroundings. With under 2,500 reptiles left, the Komodo dragon has now entered the International Union of Conservation of Nature’s (IUCN) red rundown of jeopardized species. The most debilitating variable to survival is poachers who continually minimize the number of inhabitants in the Timor deer, the Komodo Dragon’s staple nourishment.

Komodo Dragon Tour 3D2N

Day 01: Rinca and Kalong Island (L/D). 

08:30 Depart to Kelor Island or Menjaga bay for swimming and snorkeling.
09: 15 Swimming and snorkel at Kelor Island or Menjaga bay.
11: 15 Transfer to Rinca Island.
13:00 Arriving at Rinca Island and trekking there to see the activities of Komodo dragons and their nest in their pure environment. During your time there,  You will be guided by local guide called Ranger.
15;00 Continue to Peepeng Island.
16:30 Arriving at Pepeng Island and sorkel or swimming18:00: transfer to Kalong island and overnight.

Day 02:  Komodo National Park Tour (B/L/D).

06:00 Breakfast on boat.
07:00 Depart to Komodo Dragon Island.
10:00 Trekking in Komodo island to see the activities of Komodo dragons  in their pure environment. During your time  there,  You will be guided by local guide called Ranger.
12:00 Transfer to Pink Beach.
12:30 Swimming and snorkeling at Pink Beach (hiking to the top of Pink Beach Hill TopPink Beach Hill Top).

14:00 Transfer to Manta Ray.

15:10 Swimming and snorkel in Manta Ray.

16:00 Transfer to Gili Laba.

17:00 Trekking at Gili Laba and enjoying sunset time.

18:00 Back to boat for overnight.

Day 03 Komodo National Park TourKomodo National Park Tour (B/L).

07:00 after breakfast,  transferred to Sebayur Island (lunch on boat).
08:30 Swimming and snorkel in Sebayur Island.
12:00 continue to Kanawa island.
13:30: Swimming and snorkeling at Kanawa Island (lunch on board).
15:00 transfer to Bidadari Island.
14:00 Swimming and snorkeling at Bidadari/angel Island.
16:00 back to Bajo and transfer to your preferred hotel (End Program).


USD 395/pax (minimum 3 pax).



  • Private Boat trip
  • Meals and drinks
  • Transfer and tours per itineraries

Not Included

  • Tipping, telp calls, laundry
  • Alchoholic and Soft Drink
  • Komodo Entrance fees ($30 per day per person)



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